Stock market news service for media publishers's Natural Languange Generation (NLG) technology writes dozens of articles and thousands of reports every day, so you can cover this highly profitable topic on your news site.

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Finance is one of the most profitable advertising niches

As you surely know, financial news is one of the most profitable topics for the media since the readers of this type of news are in great demand by advertisers. Financial services, insurance companies, banks, pension plans and many other sectors are looking for this user profile and are willing to pay higher CPMs.

However, journalists require a high level of expertise to be able to write content of value to these users: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial results, price action indicators are concepts that your editorial team probably does not master enough. allows you to add more value to your website without a costly investment or risk.

If you are not offering news about the stock and financial markets, you are missing a good opportunity to increase your income.

How does it work? brought together thousands of hours of experience from our analysts to train our system to produce high-quality articles you can directly publish and monetize.

We collect market raw data from primary and secondary sources, identify relevant events and compose the final article wording before delivering it to your site.

Examples of news articles

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October 11th, 2021 16:18

ConocoPhillips made new all-time highs after 3 years

It took 3 years, but ConocoPhillips (COP) is back reaching new all-time highs. Over this time, the price decreased to $19.69 (-73.15% drawdown), which marked the lowest point between the previous all-time high and the current one. Last Friday ConocoP [...]

October 11th, 2021 16:00

Enbridge hit new highs after 7 years

It took 7 years, but Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is back making new all-time highs. Throughout this time, the price fell to $20.22, the floor between the prior all-time high and the current one. Enbridge Inc. (ENB) stock inched last Friday a 1.40% closing at [...]

October 11th, 2021 03:35

L3Harris made all-time highs

After a month, L3Harris Technologies, Inc. (LHX) achieved new all-time highs again. Throughout this time, the price fell to $216.38 (-7.63% drawdown), where it marked the lowest point between the previous all-time high and the recent one. L3Harris Te [...]


Whether your publication already includes financial news or not, brings great value to your website

New revenues

Add a new, highly profitable niche to your publication effortlessly


Improve user retention by offering content of increasing interest


Use our articles as drafts to create your own articles


Customize our robot to match the tone and shape of your publication

Easy CMS integration

Our news engine delivers news continuously throughout the day as events unfold. We provide to you all necessary technical support to integrate our news feed on your site.

Choose from

  • Import yourself our JSON or RSS feeds into your CMS
  • Use our WordPress plugin to import the feeds
  • Use our JavaScript SDK to publish directly from the client-side

Monetize yourself or partner with us

Once imported into your content management system, you can monetize the items in the same way as the rest of your website. You can decide if the articles are freely available or under a subscription or paywall.

Or, if you prefer, you can let us take care of the advertising of our articles and take advantage of our network of SSPs and direct deals.

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With 20 years of experience in digital media, Joaquim provided services and solutions for some of the biggest media publishers in Europe.

Patrick B. Williams

Patrick B. Williams


Experienced stock market analyst and trader, Patrick reviews and curates the content output of the NLG engine.

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Experienced marketing executive, Anna leads the marketing and communication strategy.